Peak Development Team

The range of disciplines within our team allows us to create outstanding buildings within budget and on schedule. The Peak Development team comprises property professionals, young and flexible multi-talents who complement each other. We advise on planning, legal, technical and commercial matters.

The Peak professionals are enthusiastic and committed and like to think several steps ahead. We value our partnerships with clients; for us, it is all about developing an intensive, inspirational collaboration. We are transparent in our working methods and respect each other’s interests and the environment. That way we have been able to deliver top results for many years.

Jaap van der Wijst

Working for Peak Development since: Together with Dennis I started the company in 2008

Relevant education / professional experience:
TU Delft / Harvard Graduate School of Design 1994 – 2001
Trimp & van Tartwijk Property Development 2002 – 2007

Management: ‘I manage all designs from the various perspectives of finance, planning, quality and commercial preconditions. I have very clear views on the various disciplines but always allow people to come up with better ideas.’

Oversight: ‘I oversee the entire project and pay attention to details, feasibility and affordability (both in the building and operating phase).’

Pride: ‘If we as a team can reach a solution which exceeds our individual strengths as well as our partner’s expectations of the development.’

Besides work: ‘Honestly, I spend a lot of time on my work, it is my passion. But life is also hectic with a young family, which I like to make time for, and so I’ve sold the old-timer and my motorbike is in the garage gathering dust, which every so often I blow off to drive to the office. I’m good at woodwork and it’s a great way of calming me down. The practical knowledge I gain is something I regularly put to good use in design teams. I feel you have to understand how to make something if you want to manage a design team.’

Dennis van Westerop

Working for Peak Development since: I founded Peak Development together with Jaap in 2008.

Relevant education / professional experience:
HEAO (University of Applied Sience), Bachelor Management, Economics and Law
University of Amsterdam, Master Real Estate 2003- 2005
Estate Agent with Boer Hartog Hooft Makelaardij 1999 – 2006
Property Developer with Trimp & Van Tartwijk in 2006 and 2007.

Commercial value: My contribution in the Peak Team is above all in the commercial arena, such as acquisition, concept development, lettings, purchases and sales, where my solid network is of immeasurable value time and again. The role I play bringing people together, both within project organizations and in our own team, fits me like a glove and gives me energy.

The legal and procedural aspects of the projects are also among my specialisms. Although I am no lawyer, I can organize and present plans in such a way that any zoning plan changes are in safe hands with me.

Best moments: As a director, usually operating in the background, I manage projects across all disciplines. I get a real buzz if I manage to direct processes and projects in such a way that we achieve or even go further than the desired result and can add value. That win-win feeling when achieving successes together and completing high-quality projects are the best moments in my job.

Clear head: My commitment, passion and love of the job means that I really have to get away to detach myself from my work. De Montfort in Verbier is just such a place: conquering that unbelievably steep mountain on my skis demands all my concentration and effort. The ultimate way for me to relax. Closer to home, the beach is my favourite place to take a breather, and I regularly spend time there with my family.

Rogier Claassen

Working for Peak Development since: January 2014

Relevant education / professional experience:
TU Delft, Master of Science in Architecture and Master of Science in Real Estate & Housing (2003 – 2011)
Municipality of Amsterdam, Project Management Office  (2011-2013)

Role within the team: ‘The creative link who aims to take innovative ideas that little bit further in collaboration and translate these into solutions.’

Qualities: ‘The ability to initiate and implement projects and spatial planning issues based on broad technical, legal and financial knowledge. I also want to create and inspire links in a creative way to harness new ideas, which we can develop in collaboration with partners and advisers to pleasantly surprise everyone.’

Pride: ‘Contributing to the value and experience of the city and making it more beautiful every day. With the temporary pop-up of BAUT Zuid, the Citroën restaurant and Kunsthal Citroën, we have succeeded in giving new value and dynamism to Stadionplein even before the project has really got started.’

Inspiration: ‘From TedX to Pakhuis de Zwijger, to listen to new innovative ideas and concepts, and to be constantly stimulated with cross-sectoral knowledge, ranging from marketing to crowdfunding. And to clear my head, friends, good food and sports are a great way to spend the time. A ride on my racing bike is great for that and gives me the chance to get out of the city and enjoy the fresh air and countryside.’

Toon van Dorst

Working for Peak Development since: June 2015

Relevant education:
Bachelor Built Environment (Amsterdam University of Applied Science) 2007-2012
Master of Science in Real Estate Management & Development (TU Eindhoven) 2012-2015

Professional experience: ‘During my studies I gained work experience with a number of real estate firms (operations assistant, assistant developer and researcher into the development and operation of health centres). I completed my graduation thesis at Syntrus Achmea, where I also worked as an assistant retail developer. This company is part of the pensions investment firm Syntrus Achmea Real Estate and Finance.’

Position within the team: ‘As the newest recruit to the Peak team I work on creative ideas and clever solutions to the problem of vacant office space. Each project is different, and each project presents unique opportunities. It is vital to gain a thorough understanding of them and turn them into a success.’

Specialism: ‘Immersing myself in a project and coming up with clever, not so obvious solutions and making them a financial success is what I now want to do at Peak.’

On top of the world: ‘That is the moment when you manage to convince others that your own ideas could potentially be very successful. I experienced this ultimate feeling during my studies, where a particular case involved a vacant former Philips office which had been written off and was eventually sold and transformed.’

Clear head: ‘If you immerse yourself fully and enthusiastically in a project, there comes a time when you really need to relax. Two years ago I discovered the perfect answer in ice-skating. This sport makes you focus fully on your technique, where so much more is involved than in many other sports. In 2014 I took part in the Alternative Elfstedentocht on the Weissensee. Eight hours long on skates, without music or distraction, just focus. Fantastic!’

Michiel Rogaar

Working for Peak Development since: February 2016

Relevant education / professional experience:
Immediately after graduating my Master of Science in Architecture and Real Estate & Housing from Delft University of Technology I began in 2011 as junior developer at Multi Development, going on to work from 2014 to 2016 on the redevelopment of Stationsplein at Amsterdam Central Station on behalf of the Project Management Office of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Specialism: Right from a very early age my interest has always been in building, creating, achieving something. Over the years I have developed my spatial awareness and understanding, allowing me to manage a design with precision and come up with smart solutions. I quickly see how a design will turn out for the user.

Sustainability: Before embarking on my architecture studies I pursued my fascination for the environment and wildlife by training as a ranger in South Africa. There I learnt about the importance of flora and fauna and the interdependence of species. For me, therefore, the theme of sustainability does not end with a BREEAM label. Property must have value for its surroundings, not only on paper but also and above all in a concrete sense. That is what I aim for.

Kite surfing: I enjoy a challenge. Trying out new things and meeting people is an absolute must for me, not only at work but also in my personal life. That’s one reason why I started kite surfing a few years ago. It was incredibly frustrating to begin with, but once you get the knack and find yourself hanging on your kite above the waves, it gives you a huge kick and immense feeling of satisfaction.

Sandra Bueneker

Joined the company: : November 2016

Work experience: I have had a variety of jobs in recent years, in a range of sectors. As a consultant in financial subsidy management (2005-2011) I have gained extensive experience in financial projects. During my most recent job as manager of Rederij ’t Smidtje (2014-2016), my work focused mainly on the organizational side of the business.

Role within the team: As office manager I am both organizer and coordinator within the Peak Development team. In my role at the heart of the company I ensure that our internal organization runs as efficiently as possible so that we can give peak performance in the field.

Qualities: An enterprising organizational talent, a perfect fit for a committed organization where dedication and enterprise are fundamental to our work. Flexible, steady, level-headed, a quick mind and a proactive attitude.

Photography: Virtually everyone takes photos. But there is much more to taking a good photo than simply pressing the button at the right time. At the school of photography in Amsterdam I completed the professional photography course, where the challenge is to translate an idea into a creative photographic solution. It’s a great feeling to set out with a camera and come back with photos that inspire and fascinate.

Carolien Vlaar

Werkzaam voor Peak Development sinds: Mei 2017

Opleiding: TU Delft, bachelor Bouwkunde, master Management in the Built Environment (afgestudeerd in 2016)

Omdenken is een must: altijd denken in termen van kansen. De zoektocht naar out of the box oplossingen blijft me boeien. Daaruit ontstaan innovatieve en creatieve ideeën. Succes ligt, naast sturen op budget, tijd en kwaliteit, vooral in heldere communicatie met alle betrokkenen.

Kwaliteit: Mijn kracht ligt in doelgericht werken en denken. Door te visualiserend te delen waar je naartoe werkt, weet men wat bereikt moet worden. Dit kan plaatsvinden in verschillende vraagstukken: zowel technische, financiële als strategische. Gezamenlijk voortgang boeken naar dat ene doel geeft mij een enorme kick en energie.

Duurzame oplossingen: Duurzaamheid is niet een kwestie van hergebruik. Duurzame oplossingen komen tot stand wanneer duurzaamheid integraal onderdeel is van het totale (plan)proces. Ontspanning: Naast zwemmen, luister en maak ik heel graag muziek. Dat geeft me rust. Jarenlang heb ik meegezongen in een a capella jazzkoor. Het is fantastisch als spannende harmonieën klinken bij het bijeenkomen van verschillende klanken en tonen.